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Steel Cutting

Metal working is a common technique that is being done in most of the industries. The steel sheets that the industries use as raw materials cannot be used without cutting them or slitting them into the required measurements

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Steel slitting

Fabrication of steel sheets is a common process that is followed by industries to convert the raw material into materials that can be used in production of other items. Steel cutting and steel slitting are two steel fabrication processes that we offer at Bonn Steels.

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Steel Slitting: A study along with types

The production mechanisms have shown a huge evolution in the last century and continue to amaze us with their rate of improvement. While it took months and even years in duplicating something as simple as a book earlier, the improved production techniques have empowered us enough

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Methods of steel cutting in various grades

There has been an adopted practice in the human history to name the time period after the most prominent element in use. May it be stone age, when everything right from utensils to weapons were made out of rocks; or the bronze –iron age when these two metals dominated the supplier industry and featured everywhere.;

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The best place for steel slitting in Dubai, Zayn Steel

The human indulgence with steel has seen explosive rise ever since the industrial revolution. The ability to mold and reshape steel according to the requirement can be stated as one of the major reasons behind the success in making sure that all the innovations get translated to reality. Our principal of working at Zayn Steel

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Wish to deal in steel cutting, visit us at Zayn Steel!

Steel is one of the basic elements that have made sure that the human race continues to grow at a pace unmatched by any other species on the planet. It has allowed the humans to draft and translate their innovations into mechanically operational beasts. Steel can be safely called the driving force behind the development

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