Methods of steel cutting in various grades

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Methods of steel cutting in various grades

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There has been an adopted practice in the human history to name the time period after the most prominent element in use. May it be stone age, when everything right from utensils to weapons were made out of rocks; or the bronze –iron age when these two metals dominated the supplier industry and featured everywhere.; the trend has lived up. Going by that trend, the time period after the industrial revolution can be very safely named as the steel age. With steel featuring everywhere, it is quite apt to say that it would be quite difficult (if not impossible) to go along in the normal way. Owing to the drastic increase in construction related works in Dubai, steel suppliers in Dubai are facing new challenge of meeting the huge demand.

The extensive use of steel everywhere has made it essential that it be modeled and designed in different shapes and sizes. This can’t be achieved without controlling the machining of the metal. And for machining it is pretty obvious that one needs to know about the composition and characteristics of the metal.

Composition of steel:

Steel is made out by mixing different elements in the required proportions. The basic constituents of steel are iron and carbon. The proportions are varied in order to achieve different grades and qualities of steel. The added hardness in the iron is due to the carbon content in it. This is the reason why carbon content in steel is increased when we move from wrought steel towards high speed steel. The other elements that are added into this composition are chromium, nickel, tin etc in order to achieve the desired properties out of it. Stainless steel suppliers in Dubai use chromium to get the stainless properties.

Steel Cutting:

Knowing how to cut and remodel steel is pretty important to ensure its usability. It is quite obvious that if a metal can’t be properly cut and remodeled then there is no point at using it extensively. Steel cutting is therefore pretty important both in principal as well in practice. Steel factories in Dubai have made sure to understand this concept and apply them accordingly.

There are basically three methodologies for cutting steel and it is based mainly on the grade of the steel being used.

  • For soft grade Steel: Most of the soft grade steel are of pretty less gauge sizing and therefore can be easily machined using the trivial and conventional methods. Using a nibbler, hacksaw or a handheld steel cutter can do the trick for soft steel. This doesn’t really require huge press loads and therefore can be managed manually as well.

  • For medium grade steel: With the increased carbon content, the hardness grade of the steel is also enhanced which renders the usual manual machining procedure quite useless. In such cases, power saws are used. For handling bulkier objects, horizontal band saw is the most obvious option. While cold saw is used when high precision cutting is desired out of the operation.

  • For high grade steel: The steel variants like HSS have pretty high carbon content and therefore are relatively harder to be machined through manual or power saws. They require certain specific high end techniques like plasma and arc torches in order to ease the machining process.

Machining steel is really important as it form the backbone of the contemporary industrial and manufacturing fields. It can be safely said that one who understands and controls steel has the ability to control how the world flows around.

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