Aluminium sheets & coils

With over a decade of dominance in decking industries and commercial space, Zayn Steels is one of the largest aluminium companies in Dubai. With innovation as its primary statement, Zayn Steels reigns as number one aluminium company in Dubai.

When it first opened, Zayn Steels had a single offering. However, it soon reached the pinnacle and went on to become a renowned name in the field. From plain sheets of aluminium to rolled coils, Zayn Steels offers everything required in almost all sectors. Our name resonates as the best Dubai Aluminium Company.

From innovative, and inspiring products to safety and durable offerings, our company is a total pioneer. We ensure that our craftsmen put their best foot at work to bring out the best possible products that efficient to use, this is what makes uss the best aluminium company in Dubai.

Focus on Quality

One of the most alluring quality of Zayn Steels is that it focuses on manufacturing and delivering top notch products that perfectly suit our clients expectations. We are continually striving to bring out the best products that inspire contractors, architects and homeowners.

Diverse offerings

Zayn Steels is a proud Dubai aluminium company that is known for its innovation and implementation. We offer premium aluminium sheets that are used in various industries. The range of products include:

Grade 1100-H14(pure aluminium with no additives)

Grade 1100-H14(these sheets are stronger than 1100 and they are corrosion resistant)

Grade 5052-H32(they can be easily weld)

Grade 6061-T6(they are heat treated and are used for making aircrafts)

Product Description

Metal sheets have found various uses in today’s world. Manufactured using the industrial processes that converts the regular metal into thin sheets, these sheets of metals are now being used in several industries. Aluminium is now being largely used everywhere, mainly because of its flexibility and the durability that it can bring to the structure that was built using the sheet metal.

There are several grades of aluminium sheets that are currently available. Zayn Steel offers the industries with all grades of aluminium, depending upon their need and function. Each grade of aluminium plan sheet can be used only for specific purposes, as the properties of the sheet metal greatly influence the durability and the life of the structure. As an aluminium sheet metal supplier in UAE, we offer the following grades of aluminium plan sheets to the industries and other clients.

  • Grade 1100-H14:

This is made of pure aluminium and has no additives. They are highly ductile and thus can be easily drawn. It is currently being used in jewellery, light reflectors and in chemical processing equipments. This has low strength and resistant to weather.

  • Grade 3003-H14:

This is stronger than 1100 and can easily be welded. As it is corrosion resistant, it is being used in making cabins, fan blades, mail boxes, and stampings and in tanks.

  • Grade 5052-H32:

This is stronger than 3003 and corrosion resistant. As you can easily weld it, it is being used for making pressure vessels, electronic chassis and in tanks.

  • Grade 6061-T6:

This grade sheet metal is a heat treated structured aluminium alloy that is used in making aircraft structures. Though it is stronger than 5052, it loses a part of its strength when it you weld the sheets.

Zayn Steel, as Aluminium sheet suppliers, deals in all grades of aluminium sheets and caters to all industries.