Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets

Zayn Steels is Dubai’s leading aluminium product supplier who are dedicated to providing customers with the best quality products that come at the most competitive prices. Our product deliveries too are of highest standards at fastest possible deliveries.

Say aluminium products, and you can hear about us. That is our product selection and our service. Ever since our inception, we have always strived to come up with the best products that are highly efficient for whatever it is used for.

Quality is key

Being pioneers in the industry, we take it upon us to provide premium quality aluminium sheets that are used in different industries such as construction industries, factories, many others. We are the best Dubai aluminium product suppliers who produce top notch products that prepared with extensive care.

Extensive research to bring out the best

All our products are a result of extensive researching, planned development and timely evolution. We are firm believers that research is essential to come up with the best and most dependable products. With this very sentiment, we develop our products only after extensive research. This makes up the best Aluminium Sheet manufacturers in Dubai.

Our ability to understand customer and to anticipate customer needs, to become come up with aluminium products that are apt for their requirements, help us to cater to a wide variety of industries. Our aluminium made cold rolled coils are used within several industries for varied purposes. Our cost efficient solutions make us the most sought after aluminium manufacturer in Dubai.

Product Description

Every industry today makes use of steel sheets in one way or the other. One such form of steel sheets is the cold rolled steel sheets. These steel sheets get their name from the process by which it is manufactured. At Zayn Steel, we deal with the supply of these cold rolled steel coils to every industry. As steel suppliers in Dubai, we have been dealing with all grades of cold rolled steel sheets for several years now.
As mentioned earlier, the cold rolled steels derive their name from the manufacturing process. Unlike the regular steel sheets, these cold rolled steel coils are pressed and rolled under low temperature. This way, the semi-finished and the finished steel sheets and coils are being manufactured and supplied by Zayn Steels. These cold rolled steel sheets are now being used in several industries that include manufacturing of transmission towers and lines, storage racks, bridges, railway coaches, car bodies and in drainage facilities. Apart from these, the cold rolled steel sheets are also finding use in the construction industry for the manufacturing of beams and joists. They are being used as connectors and fasteners in the framework of the constructions.

The grade of the cold rolled steel coils varies with the additives that are added to the coils during the manufacturing process. Carbon is the major additive in these processes. Some of the common types of cold rolled steel sheets that are available with us include,

  • Drawing steel
  • Extra deep drawing steel
  • High strength low alloy steel
  • Structural steel

Each of these cold rolled steel grades is being used in different industries depending upon their durability and the ease that it offers in terms of ductility. Having served several steel suppliers in Dubai, you can expect only the high quality cold rolled steel coils from Zayn Steel.