GI coils & Gi sheets

GI Sheets

We offer the best GI sheets which come in different variations and they are extensively used in the field of construction.GI sheets are Steel sheets that are coated with a layer of zinc, to ensure that they don't get rusted. We purchase the materials from the best manufacturers so they come with a good guarantee.

Protection at its best

The zinc coating is used because it has greater electronegativity. Just property zinc provides cathodic protection. It also provides are the benefits such as –

  • Protection against chipping
  • Adding to the appearance
  • Increased life

GI coils

At Zayn Steels we provide the best quality steel products that offer enhanced utility. We work along with the best steel and aluminium manufacturing companies in Dubai, to provide the best products to suit the client requirement.

We also provide great products that are exclusively made for industries that need products that don’t rust or chip easily. Rusting is one of the biggest problems in various industries today. Though steel and iron products provide great strength to structures, engineers avoid them because the rust, especially when used under water.

Product Description

Galvanization is a process through which steel or iron products protected against harsh weather. It is done by applying protective layer of zinc coating on the products. The most popular galvanized products GI coils and GI sheets.

Zayn Steels is Dubai’s is a trustable aluminium product supplier dedicated to providing customers with the best quality products which are available to the customers at highly competitive prices. We deal with the best steel manufacturing companies in Dubai, to provide the best GI sheets that perfectly suit our clients. Our product deliveries too are of highest standards at fastest possible deliveries.

Say steel and aluminium product suppliers in Dubai and, you can hear about us. That is our product selection and our service. Ever since we set up our operations, we have always strived to provide our customers with the best products that are highly efficient for their requirement.

We offer the best GI coils and GI sheets in Dubai that are used in all most all industries that require rust-free materials to add strength to the structures.

At Zayn Steels, we ensure that the manufactures use superior quality metal to produce them. All our offerings undergo a stringent process and only the best ones come out on out selling list. We offer GI sheets and coils that come in a myriad of specifications so they cater to the needs of different industries.