Hot Rolled Coils & Plates

With over a decade of dominance in decking industries and commercial space with our aluminium offerings, Zayn Steels is one of the largest aluminium companies in Dubai. Over the years, we have remained to be in the top spot because of our uncompromised quality and highly competitive prices. Zayn Steels reigns as number one aluminium company in Dubai.

We offer premium quality hot rolled coil plates that are used in various industries and for various utilities. We never cease to enhance our quality and innovation to suit the new age requirements.

Our aluminium hot rolled coils are prepared by highly skilled craftsmen, who are constantly working to enhance their working-best. We maintain stringent quality standards and processes to make sure an effective Quality Management System. We make continual efforts to improve and achieve excellence so our customers are utterly satisfied.

When an order is placed, Zayn Steels first takes a proper note of all user requirements. We then start off on an extensive research and then work on implementing them. We also work to deliver the order on time. Our quality services at reasonable quality, have always helped us to bag decent products. Zayn Steels also produces custom shapes based on the client instructions and requirements.

Being experts in the field, we have devoted 100% of our efforts to supply aluminium products in Dubai. Our offerings are unmatched in quality and pricing. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with the most superior quality products at the most competitive prices.

Product Description

Through the years, the steel industry has been able to come up with new forms of steel coils and sheets, thanks to the development in the manufacturing processes. One such development in this field has given us the hot rolled steel coils. This is in some ways similar to the production of the cold rolled steel coils, though the major difference between the two sheet metals is the temperature that is followed during manufacturing.

Hot rolled steel sheets are manufactured at higher temperature than the usual. At Zayn Steel, being one of the steel companies in Dubai, we are actively involved in the manufacture and the supply of the hot rolled steel sheets and plates to the industries. Hot worked steel sheets are now being used in the industries because of their strength and other physical properties. Industries have been coming to us for these hot rolled steel sheets mainly because of the durability that these sheet metals can bring to the structure that is being built. Zayn Steel offers only the high quality and industrial grade hot rolled steel coils and we are currently considered as one of the best steel manufacturing companies in Dubai.

The hot rolled steel sheets, coils and plates that are available with us are being purchased by industries that are involved in the building of simple cross sections like the railway tracks, making the frames for the trucks, water heaters, agricultural equipments, discs, roads, shelves and in strappings and stampings. Apart from this, the hot rolled steel is widely used in the automotive industry mainly for making the rail car compartments and components, railroad hopper cars, clutch plates for the vehicles and for making the wheel rims. Once you give us your requirements, we would be able to get back to you with the hot rolled steel coil prices.