Steel Cutting

Metal working is a common technique that is being done in most of the industries. The steel sheets that the industries use as raw materials cannot be used without cutting them or slitting them into the required measurements. Steel fabrication is an important process that needs to be followed by every industry before they start working on the steel sheets. Having one of the steel factories in Dubai has helped Zayn Steel in taking up the fabrication processes that most of the industries look out for. Not all industry has its own fabrication units. At times like these, Zayn Steels helps out the industries by providing the steel cutting services to them.

We take up both the manual and the machine based steel cutting services. We are now listed as one of the fast growing steel fabrication companies in Dubai. Some of the common techniques that we use in our steel cutting services include,

  • Turning:

This makes use of a lathe. The lathe spins the steel and the sharp cutting tool cuts the steel to a required diameter or length.

  • Grinding:

This is used for turning the coarse surface of the steel into smooth, workable surface.

  • Burning:

In this technique, heat is applied to a portion of the metal. As it softens, the metal sheet breaks into two.

  • Laser:

The laser beam provides a concentrated focus of monochromatic light on the surface of the metal for cutting them. The laser beam is directed on the length of the steel that needs to be cut into two.

  • Water jet:

Water jet method does not require heat and is based on the simple principle of effect of water on metal. A little amount of abrasive substance is added to the water and it is concentrated on the part where the steel needs to be cut into two.