Steel slitting

Fabrication of steel sheets is a common process that is followed by industries to convert the raw material into materials that can be used in production of other items. Steel cutting and steel slitting are two steel fabrication processes that we offer at Zayn Steels. We offer good quality steel fabrication in Dubai along with being a steel manufacturer and supplier. Our clients include several construction and metal working industries that are in need of steel slitting and other steel fabrication services. Years of experience in this field has helped us to
master the process effectively and we have been able to get the position of one of the growing steel fabrication companies in Dubai.

The steel slitting process is also called as the shearing process but rather than using the process in the end stage, at Zayn Steel we complete the slitting process when we manufacture the steel sheets. The process deals with the trimming or slitting of larger steel coils into thin strips. This way, the steel coil can be cut into different thin strips of steel that can be used for many purposes. We make use of an equipment that is called as the slitter,which slits the steel sheet into thin strips. This can be used on both the ferrous and the non-ferrous metals.

The process that is being carried out is quite simple. The slitter has a circular upper and lower knife. The steel coil is sent in the gap that is present in between the two knives. Once the process starts, the two knives start to spin and come closer. The steel coil is slowly sent inside the slitter and gets split up into two thin strips of steel coils. The slitter is adjusted with respect to the thickness of the steel coil that needs to be split into two.